Backup and Recovery

As business environments become more complex and data accumulation continues to grow at a rapid rate, the importance of protecting this data from corruption and loss becomes increasingly important to the growth and survival of an organization.

What is Backup and Recovery?

A Backup and Recovery procedure is basically the means by which data and software are regularly and securely backed up and then stored to ensure that loss of data doesn’t occur in the event of a disaster such as hardware failure.
It also means that when such an event does occur, systems can be rapidly restored to their original state. It involves considerations into what data should be backed up, the method by which it is accomplished, and how frequently it should be done.
Part of the solution is a Disaster Recovery plan, where the worst case scenario is considered (ie. the total loss of the entire system) and steps put in place so should the worst happen, the systems can be brought up again as soon as possible with minimum loss of data.

Why Backup and Recovery solution?

Due to the highly information based environments of today’s business, even a very minor problem could cause a system downtime that significantly effects general business processes.
A serious system failure resulting in heavy data loss could cause problems where recovery isn’t possible at all and so it is crucial that a suitable Backup and Recovery solution is in place to maintain a stable business environment.
Whether you are concerned about global political events, natural disasters, more conventional risks, or if government regulations require your industry to demonstrate an auditable DR process, one thing is clear: businesses must evaluate and scrutinize their ability to sustain operations and resume business after the occurrence of a disaster.

Backup and Recovery Benefits

  • Rationalize and simplify your backup systems and procedures
  • Decrease or eliminate the risk of data losses
  • Narrow the “backup window” – complete backups faster
  • Reduce staffing and training costs