Consulting & Planning


Petabyte offers IT consulting, implementation and technical support services in the areas of:

  • system, storage & storage networking,
  • virtualization & IT consolidation,
  • high availability/clustering, backup & DR software, IT security software,
  • open OS & networking technologies.

Petabyte advises customers on IT strategy, solution architecture and best practices. These engagements are conducted by Petabyte consultants in a vendor independent fashion, ensuring that technology and process recommendations fit exactly to clients’ business objectives.


Consulting Services Approach:

  • Strategic Planning – map client’s business objectives to the appropriate ΙΤ infrastructure and applications; define IT project goals; identify critical dependencies; develop business case/justification for project.
  • Discovery – conduct technology overview workshops; gather data necessary to perform requirements analysis and solution design; conduct interviews with stakeholders; provide professional facilitation as required.
  • Analysis – analyze the data; synthesize information per requirements; conduct additional research and interviews as needed.
  • Solution Design – formulate and document the design deliverables.